Node Audio has announced the release of a plugin (VST/VST3 and AU) and standalone application for Windows, Mac and Linux that is designed to enhance the creation of microtonal music.

Entonal Studio allows you to transform your favorite synthesizers into microtonal instruments.

Entonal Studio’s Radial Graph was built to make tuning custom intervals simple and intuitive, the Mapping Editor helps take command over alternative scales using MPE or MIDI control, and plugin hosting (VST/AU) removes the need for MIDI routing within a DAW.

With over a hundred tunings in the preset browser, no knowledge of microtonal theory is needed to start making music in alternative scales.

Entonal Studio features

  • Host any AU/VST2/VST3 instrument.
  • Radial Graph gives angular control over pitch.
  • Easy to use with any level of tuning know-how.
  • Enter note values in cents, ratios, EDO degrees or as mathematical expressions.
  • Custom mapping of notes to a MIDI controller or piano roll.
  • Snap to ratios or EDO degrees.
  • Display relative note intervals.
  • View MIDI keyboard, white-notes keyboard, MPE keyboard.
  • View tuning information as table between -2nd and 8th octave.
  • Built-in simple synthesizer.
  • Group plugin instances to link tunings between tracks in a project.
  • Create scales of up to 192 notes.
  • Generate equal temperaments.
  • Piano roll can adopt note values as note names (Bitwig Studio, FL Studio, Studio One).
  • Import/Export Scala files and Tuning XML.
  • Flexible layout and custom plugin sizes.

Entonal Studio is available to purchase for an introduction price of £59 GBP until August 16th, 2022 (regular £79 GBP). You can try Entonal Studio with a 28-day trial version.

More information: Node Audio