FKFX has released a new 8-channel noise gate with internal dynamic matrix. The Noise Bleach effect plugin is designed for working on any kind of audio, like drums, guitar, bass, vocals.

FKFX Noise Bleach removes extra noise or unwanted resonances efficiently, turning any busy loop to its clearest version, and can also be used as a mixing expression tool, transforming a legato to a pizzicato with fast attack audio.

FKFX Noise Bleach can be used in any situations, including live situation, with its 3 automatic threshold detections modes: Noise Gate, Noise Bleach, Transients.

Noise Bleach features

  • 8 Noise Gate bands with threshold level for each band.
  • 8 Solos for fine setting on each band.
  • Automatic Noise Gate: auto sets thresholds for noise gating.
  • Automatic Noise Bleach: auto sets thresholds for hard noise gating.
  • Automatic Transients: auto sets thresholds to main transients.
  • Gate Invert: inverting gates, to control the removed parts of the signal.
  • Bypass.
  • Latency Compensation.

Available in VST/VST3 and AU formats for Windows and Mac, Noise Bleach is free to use with a nag screen timer, which can be removed after purchase (39 EUR).

More information: FKFX