Noisefactory Complex Electro Tools Vol 1

Noisefactory has released Complex Electro Tools Vol 1, a mini sample pack featuring all essential elements to create the next Complextro Floor-Killer.

Since its release in July 2011, “Big Room Tools Vol. 1” from Noisefactory has earned some huge shouts and reviews in the scene. Many well-known producers such as Eddie Thoneick, DJs from Mars and Pulsedriver gave their recommendation and value, that this sample pack offers an outstanding sound quality, excellent usability and everything not just for to build fattest beats, but to produce entire tracks on the fly.

Beside Complextro this pack is also useful for many different styles like Fidget, Electro House or even Dubstep. It adds carefully selected Drum Hits, FX, Basslines, Loops and a unique Fidget Toolbox to your arsenal. The ability to create, recreate, build and variate main parts and complete tracks without breaking your workflow is not the only advantage of this Toolbox concept. By using the Special Sounds in addition to the Macrobits and/or Glitchy Fragments, complex musical variations are very easy to create.

Complex Electro Tools Vol 1 is available to purchase for £17.95 GBP.

More information: Noisefactory / Complex Electro Tools Vol 1