NoiseGuild 24ToneGongs 1: Mallets&Sticks

NoiseGuild has announced the release of 24ToneGongs 1: Mallets&Sticks, an orchestral gong instrument library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Varying from 70 – 6 cm in diameter, this is a 4 octave spanning, tuned orchestral gong collection.

Meticulously sampled in an anechoic room with up to 10 x roundrobin and 8 velocity layers in lots of different articulations. Mysterious & different, yet well tuned and chromatically playable!

24ToneGongs 1: Mallets&Sticks features

  • 8 Deep sampled articulations using different mallets and strike positions.
  • Real anechoic recordings translate in a very clean sound with no room reflections, because of this the gongs can be convincingly placed in various venues using your reverb of choice. No reverb on reverb sound.
  • GongMachine: The GongMachine plays back organic sounding complex patterns using different articulations.
  • New Performance features: the pedal clamps and unclamps the gongs, using recorded multiple round robin real samples of those actions.
  • 7800 Samples, 24 Gb uncompessed, 5.5 Gb compressed.

The library is available for the introductory price of 159 EUR until October 8th, 2014 (regular 200 EUR). A purchase during the introductory period also includes a voucher for 20% discount on the 2nd and 3d 24ToneGongs libraries.

More information: NoiseGuild / 24ToneGongs 1: Mallets&Sticks