NoiseSoft has released Qu and Root Delay, two effect plug-ins for Windows.

NoiseSoft Qu
Qu is a quad filter effect.

The Qu consists of four separate “all band” filters with five separate controls for each channel (A to D). The individual tuning of our custom filters produces audio illusions and phenomena that can not be found anywhere else; phase and frequency based stereo panning controls mean that a user can dial in effects that contrast across the whole audio spectrum, especially when used with track envelopes within the host workstation.

Qu features

  • VOLUME: This controls the master volume. Lowest setting is silence and highest setting the maximum output.
  • MIX: Controls the mix quantity of all filter sections.
  • PITCH (A/B/C/D): Adjusts the affected pitch of each individual filter section from low drones to bell-like high pitched ringing.
  • RESONANCE (A/B/C/D): Adjusts the resonance of each filter, from minimal effect to extreme phase shifting and everything between.
  • FREQ (A/B/C/D): The frequency control for each filter has custom coded extreme frequency shifting, capable of lo-fi filtering in the low knob settings, all the way to harsh industrial/glitch effects.
  • LEFT and RIGHT (A/B/C/D): These are separate controls for left and right phase shifting.

NoiseSoft Root Delay
Root Delay is an echo / delay effect.

The Root Delay is designed for creating dub style echo and filter sweeps as well as other delay effects found in all kinds of modern electronic music. The effect features a delay section with separate adjustable controls for left and right time settings and also a filter section with controls for sweep rate and depth. The delay and filter combination produces everything from granular glitch / idm style processing to sweeping dub style echos and slap back effects.

Root Delay features

  • LEFT and RIGHT: These are separate controls for left and right echo / delay times (milliseconds from 0ms to 10ms).
  • FEEDBACK: knob is for controlling the amount of echos you would like. From 1 to (almost) infinity.
  • RES knob: Adjusts the resonance of the filter, from minimal effect to drone sound and everything between.
  • CUT: Adjusts the filter cutoff. From very metallic to very (sub)bassy.
  • RATE: Adjusts the sweep rate of the filter, from about a minute to pseudo granular.
  • DEPTH: Adjusts the depth of the filter effect. From light filtering to very dramatic sweeps.
  • WET: Controls the volume of the delay and filter effects combined.
  • DRY: Controls the volume of the dry signal.

Qu and Root Delay are available as VST effect plug-ins for Windows PC, priced at $14 USD each.

More information: NoiseSoft