Northernbeat Audio Daedalus

Northernbeat Audio has released Daedalus, a donationware VA type VSTi synth created with SynthEdit.


  • 2 OSC, Saw/Sine/Square (syncable)
  • 2 LFO
  • Osc mixer + Noise (White/Pink)
  • Mono/Poly/Unison modes
  • Filters: HPF/LP 2P/LP 4P-A/LP 4P-B/HP 4P
  • ADSR for envelope, filter and amplitude
  • Chorus, Delay
  • Arpeggiator
  • MIDI controlled modulation options

The free version’s got a 16 preset limit and a nag screen at start up. Once you donate you’ll get a nag free version with a full 128 preset bank (Any donation amount is appreciated). A manual will follow later.

Visit Northernbeat Audio for more information.