NOTAM has released version 0.59 of Mammut, a free program for sound processing in the frequency domain.

Mammut will FFT your entire sound (no windows). Different transforms can be applied to the spectrum, such as nonlinear stretching, spectrum shift, convolution, filtering, permutation etc.

NOTAM Mammut v0.59 screenshot

NOTAM Mammut v0.59 screenshot

Features in v0.59

  • A new approach to sound creation and manipulation in the frequency domain
  • Unique single gigantic FFT analysis method
  • Stretch: Non-linear stretching of the frequency axis
  • Wobble: Alternately stretch and contract the frequency axis
  • Multiply phase: Multiply all phases with the value you specify
  • Derivate amp: Replaces the amplitude spectrum with its derivative (slope)
  • Filter: Optimal bandstop filter. The ultimate in cut-off performance
  • Invert: Splits the spectrum into regions with specified size, and turn backward
  • Threshold: Removes all partials below a given amplitude threshold
  • Spectrum Shift: Optimal spectrum shift, with no window artifacts
  • Block Swap: Selects randomly positioned regions of the spectrum, and interchange
  • Mirror: Reflects the whole spectrum around the frequency you specify

Mammut is available for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux.

Visit NOTAM for more information.