Novaflash Freakency

Novaflash has released Freakency, a freeware VST effect plug-in for Windows.

Effect based on a sine oscillator modulation. The shaped audio input modulates a sine. Pitch or Phase modulation allowed. Percussive sound recommended. Monophonic.

Freakency features

  • Preamp with EQ (12/24db/oct BPF), pre-filtering input and monitoring.
  • Shape Up/Down, reshape the incoming signal, set in ms.
  • Mod Pitch/Phase, set the maximum modulation. SLP, Green = normal, Yellow = fast, Red = super-fast.
  • Output section with hi-frequency damping, distortion, equalizer, mix and gain controls.

Freakency is available as a freeware VST effect plug-in for Windows PC.

More information: Novaflash