NOVAkILL has released NitrousPM, a free virtual synthesizer plug-in for Windows.

The NITROUS Project is a new concept that will combine three separate synths into one mega-instrument. The first stage of the project will progressively see the release of three individual instruments – NitrousPM, Nitrous PD and NitrousFM – followed by TriNitrous, which will combine all three into a single VSTi with amazing possibilities.

First up is NitrousPM, which features a new oscillator from Chris Kerry [new to us, not to him] that combines excellent sound quality with phase modulation [not full FM] and Hard Sync, for a rich, diverse sonic palette. It has a new style of Unison, offering single voice, 3 voice and 5 voice modes individually for each of the two oscillators. It is simple to use but deceptively full featured and very powerful.

NOVAkILL has also updated NEOkILLER III with a few cosmetic tweaks to the UI and a comprehensive PDF manual.

More information: NOVAkILL