Plughugger has released Manga!, a new soundset for the reFX PlastiCZ synthesizer.

Based on the classic synthesis made famous by Casio, the reFX PlastiCZ is one of the few software instruments that so well captures the sound of 80s synth pop.

Manga! is a soundset that explores the soft and naive side of synth and J-pop. It is all about softness, cuddly sounds, chocolate rivers, unicorns and rainbow skies.
Paint your hair pink and bring out that Casio to show the hairy rockers who is the king of the Nintendo generation.

From a remixers perspective – Manga! is a powerful tool for those who want to go beyond the current sound of today. Manga! can easily be used as a base for New Tone Electro or Dubcore Techno. Add a Boss Dr-110 or a Roland TR-606, set the compressors to Fry and you’re there.

Manga! features

  • Number of sounds: 128.
  • Style: Soft plastic sounds for modern electronica.
  • Format: FXB/FXP. All sounds are available in one bank as well as separate patches.

Manga! is available to purchase for 5.90 EUR.

More information: Plughugger