Novation has announced Automap software for the iPhone / iPod Touch.

The power behind Novation’s award-winning SL MkII, SL Compact and Nocturn MIDI controllers is now available for your iPhone / iPod touch, providing an instant and intelligent, wireless, palm-sized MIDI controller. Now you can use iPhone / iPod touch to control all of your music making software.

Novation Automap for iPhone / iPod Touch

Whenever you want to control music software and the mouse is out of reach, Automap for iPhone / iPod touch delivers. And the possibilities are endless – remotely control transport functions; give your artist remote control of reverb levels; a hand-held cross-fader for laptop DJ’ing; controlling multi-effects whilst tracking guitar; switching drum kits whilst you’re sat at your V-drums…

Automap for iPhone / iPod Touch features

  • Combined with Automap 3, it provides two horizontal faders and eight buttons per page, displayed on a single iPhone / iPod touch screen. However, the number of pages – and thus the number of controls – is unlimited.
  • Automap lets you see at a glance how every control on your iPhone / iPod touch is assigned, both on the iPhone / iPod touch itself, and across your computer screen.
  • Control maps are automatically placed into categories depending on type (instrument, effects, mixer and so on) for quick and easy browsing and selection.
  • Editing maps and re-assigning controls in Automap is extremely quick and easy. Simply click a parameter in learn mode, then touch a control on your iPhone / iPod touch to assign it. Double-clicking ‘learn’ allows you to ‘Click-Touch-Assign’ in quick succession.
  • Additional features with Automap 3 PRO:
    • Assign almost any computer keyboard shortcut, and combinations thereof, to any of the controls on your iPhone / iPod touch.
    • Improved editing of maps, allowing you to simply drag parameters in the Automap Heads-up GUI from one control to another.
    • Use your iPhone / iPod touch alongside any other Automap compatible hardware controller – and it’s all perfectly integrated for seamless control.

Automap for iPhone / iPhone Touch will be available from the Apple app store mid July.

Visit Novation for more information.