Magnetica Studio has announced the launch of a revolutionary project that releases plugins with the latest technologies that have been created during the course of NovoNotes product development.

Users can select products from a menu on the NovoLabz website and download them free of charge.

While the NovoNotes brand sells sophisticated plugins that meet the high demands of professionals, the NovoLabz project is focused on free plugins that allow users to experience the latest technologies first hand. Although these plugins are essentially still in development and therefore subject to future specification changes, we believe that users will benefit from being able to experience the sounds created by cutting-edge technology before anyone else, and for free.

Available in VST3, AU and AAX formats (currently Mac only), the first two plugins being released are Ambience Enhancer Lite and Spectrum Analyzer, a brand new plugin that supports up to 24 channels of multi-channel surround sound. More free plugins will be added to the lineup as they become available.

The start of the NovoLabz project is being marked by a two-month summer sale. 3DX and the HPL2 Processor are on sale at up to 30% off through the end of August.

More information: NovoNotes