Sound designer Tom Wolfe has announced the release of a new soundbank for the Massive X software synthesizer by Native Instruments.

Novus features 100 cinematic-style presets which play into the strengths of Massive X.

From twangy, driven sequences to dirty, abrasive pads, these presets are sharp, gritty and full of bite. As well asbeing inspiring, you’ll find that creating movement in these presets is simple. Novus places a rangeof macro and modulation options at your fingers for easy manipulation, allowing you full control.

So, whether you’re a film or media composer looking to add some aggression to your cues, or anelectronic producer seeking some cinematic flair, this set could be what you’ve been waiting for.

Novus is be available exclusively from Tom Wolfe’s online store at an introductory 25% discount, priced £14.99 GBP until February 17th, 2021.