Novuzeit NeoRetro DX

Novuzeit has released NeoRetro DX, a commercial game synth VSTi plug-in.

NeoRetro DX is a complete rebuild of the original NeoRetro from the ground up. Everything under the hood has been revamped, upgraded, optimized, and tricked out to the max.

Key upgrades in NeoRetro DX

  • 100% complete rebuild of synthesis engine, better sound and less CPU
  • An extra subtractive-synthesis layer added (3 oscillators means more complex patches)
  • Now two different arpeggiators for each oscillator (pulse-division, LFO-glide)
  • Track each oscillator pitch through three different ADSR-to-pitch routings
  • Individual LFOs added for phase-distortion, oscillator-sync, quantize, sample reduction, etc
  • New multi-filter with automatable sweeping added
  • 100 presets in full version; new user manual written

NeoRetro DX costs $20.00 ($10.00 for previous purchasers of NeoRetro V1.0) and a demo version is offered for download, along with MP3 demos.

Visit Novuzeit’s NeoRetro DX page for more information.