Nucleus SoundLab Filter Research

Nucleus SoundLab has released Filter Research, an effects Refill for Reason 4.

Filter Research takes takes the modular format of the Reason Combinator, and harnesses it to create new, and truly unique effects devices. A huge variety of different effects are included: dual-filter boxes, granular glitch-machines, self-vocoding devices, huge fixed-filter banks, and crossfaded formants are just some of what you’ll find inside. All are created from scratch and with the care and attention Nucleus SoundLab is known for.

Filter Research features

  • 192 Combinators included, authored by a variety of designers – Jeremy Janzen, Tom Pritchard, Nick Hutton, Shaun Wallace and Jacob Hargrave.
  • All Combinators created from scratch – except for 10 Planar Filters based on the same template.
  • Each Combinator has all 4 knobs/buttons uniquely assigned.
  • PDF manual describing each Combinator.

Filter Research is available for download for $34.95 CAD. A free demo ReFill with 15 patches is available for download (includes the PDF manual).

Visit Nucleus SoundLab for more information and some Quicktime video demos.