Nucleus SoundLab ChordWaves I

Nucleus SoundLab is offering a free copy of ChordWaves I, a sampleset from the Musical Genome Project.

ChordWaves I contains a variety of synth chords programmed on modular synthesizers – which are ideal as song-starters for all forms of electronica. They also make excellent atmospheric textures when run through appropriate effects.

ChordWaves I Wusikstation version features

  • Over 450mb (32-bit) of raw samples.
  • 16 multi-samples comprised of nearly 150 waveforms.
  • 100+ Wusikstation v3 presets by a variety of sound designers.

ChordWaves I Reason Refill features

  • The same samples as above, compressed into a 150mb Refill.
  • 24 Custom Combinator Patches utilizing all eight realtime knobs and buttons.
  • 16 NN-XT Patches.

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