Nugen Audio ISL

NuGen Audio has announced a free update to ISL, offering the latest in transparent inter-sample limiting with native compatibility for all major DAW and editing systems.

This update ensures onward compatibility with Avid platforms and introduces native OSX 64-bit compatibility for the first time, allowing ISL to integrate seemlessly with FCPX and Logic Pro etc. iLok licensing is also available as an alternative to the existing license code for those who find this method more convenient.

ISL is a fully standards compliant inter-sample true peak limiter, enabling you to transparently prevent inter-sample clips during mixdown, helping to ensure downstream audio fidelity, especially where lossy codecs (eg. MP3 and ACC) are employed.

Changes in ISL

  • AAX.
  • iLok option.
  • Native 64-bit on OSX.
  • ITU-R B.S. 1770-03 compliant.

ISL is available to purchase for $249 USD.

More information: NuGen Audio / ISL