Pluggotic has released a Kontakt instrument library titled DeeDeeTee, an electronic drum module based on a sampled circuit-bent DD-7, pcm “Super Session Player” drumpad.

Trigger and edit 50 hits through 50 drum parts, every part can be controlled with amplitude, panning, tuning and decay. Plus, simply turning a knob any of the bending options can be activated to damage the sounds, indipendently for any of the 50 drum parts.

DeeDeeTee’s dark side hides behind a funky mask, the original kit. Urban kicks and snares, electro fxs, percussions, an addictive clap, scratch fxs, animals, the almighty orchestra hit, voicecounts and more. A huge kit that increments any respectable funk/electro/’80 drum-machines collection.

DeeDeeTee features

  • 637 24bit 96khz unlocked waves, 95MB.
  • 50 sounds and parts, with avarage of 11 “bent” variations each.
  • Manual and MIDI-controlled user interface.
  • MIDI-loops, 100 original and 41 new patterns with related presets.
  • Two additional “leftover” sounds included in the library.

The sample library is available to purchase from Sampleism for £7 GBP.

More information: Pluggotic