Numark has announced the NSFX, an effects controller designed in collaboration with Serato, to compliment the Numark NS7 performance controller for DJs.

NS7 DJs can now take advantage of Serato ITCH’s effects capabilities with NSFX. Designed in collaboration with Serato for the ITCH system, NSFX is designed to mate perfectly with NS7, delivering seamless integration and hands-on control of the wide range of effects built into ITCH. Those effects will sync automatically to the tempo of the track to which they are applied, allowing for quick, easy, musically satisfying results every time.

Numark NSFX

DJs attach NSFX to NS7’s integrated laptop stand for convenient access to effects controls. Designed to match the high-quality fit and finish of NS7, NSFX delivers the same robust, professional feel that NS7 users have grown accustomed to. Because Numark designed NSFX in collaboration with Serato, it is instantly compatible with ITCH. Users simply plug NSFX in via USB, which will activate the effects functionality in the latest version of ITCH. All parameter controls are intelligently pre-mapped and no software-driver installation is needed so DJs literally plug and play with NSFX. Club DJs will appreciate NSFX’s light-up controls that indicate each control’s setting and/or status for visual feedback in virtually any lighting environment.

NSFX features

  • Activate and control the effects in Serato ITCH with NS7.
  • Chain multiple effects to a single source.
  • Route effects to either deck or to the Aux or Main outputs.
  • Designed in collaboration with Serato for seamless compatibility with the latest version of ITCH.
  • Light-up controls make it easy to keep tabs on effects status.
  • Plug-and-play USB supplies power and works without installing drivers.
  • Conveniently mounts on NS7’s integrated laptop stand.
  • Fits in NS7 CASE for protection in transit to the gig.

NSFX will be available from musical instrument and DJ retailers Q4, 2009.

More information: Numark / NSFX