Numark NDX800

Numark has announced the availability of Traktor LE software for users who bought their NDX800 at an authorized Numark dealer.

Starting in 2011, production of the NDX800 will feature Traktor LE in the box as part of the newly announced NDX800 Controller package (announced January 2011).

During the transition to the NDX800 Controller package Numark is extending a complimentary download of Traktor LE to any customer who purchased an NDX800 from an authorized Numark dealer.

Customers can obtain their complementary license of Traktor LE by registering their purchase using the form below.

This promotion is available world wide for any units purchased from an authorized Numark dealer prior to the addition of Traktor LE in the box. There is a limit of one complimentary license per customer.

More information: Numark / Traktor LE