Numark iM9

Numark has announced the iM9, a professional-grade DJ mixer with integrated effects and a dock for iPod.

Numark’s new four-channel iM9 DJ mixer is designed for creating vibrant, engaging DJ performances. With the iM9, DJs can mix vinyl, CDs, iPod, microphones or any line-level audio source. Integrated BeatKeeper™ technology automatically detects a song’s BPM, allowing for seamless crossfades from track to track. Sync Lock ensures that once the beat is locked in between two sources, it’s never lost.

DJs need complete control over how the music sounds and the iM9 mixer delivers that control, no matter the source. With the iM9, DJs can shape the music as needed thanks to dedicated three-band EQ controls for every channel or create on-the-fly remixes and stunning song transitions by engaging iM9’s high-quality, beat synced effects. This level of control is complimented by a pro-grade crossfader, knobs and LEDs.

iM9 features

  • Four channel DJ mixer.
  • Integrated dock for iPod for playback and recording of sets.
  • Beatkeeper™ BPM detection to create precise mixes between songs.
  • Beat-synced effects including: Delay, Filter, Flanger, Pan & more.
  • Crossfader with channel assign switches.
  • Dedicated XLR microphone input with Gain & EQ.
  • Two phono line inputs for connecting turntables.
  • Five RCA line inputs.
  • Balanced XLR outputs.
  • Master, Booth and Record RCA line outputs.

More information: Numark / iM9