Numerical Audio has released an update to its RE-1 Tape Machine app, a full featured, modern tape machine inspired by the most iconic tape echos of the 20th century.

The update includes drag & drop support for samples/loops, sample export volume adjustments and crossfades, and a new “info mode” that shows a short description for each control.

Numerical Audio RE-1

Combining vintage sound and modern features, RE-1 is a true powerhouse capable of everything from classic tape echo and chorus effects over tape flavoured sample playback, recording & looping to tape based master effects.

Changes in RE-1 v1.1

  • Universal: added iPhone support.
  • UI: Added “What’s new” dialogue.
  • UI: Added Sample export dialoge with options for applying a crossfade at the loop point and adjusting sample volume before writing it to disk.
  • UI: added info mode – when enabled, tapping any control will bring up a description of it’s function as well as suggestions on how to use it.
  • Optimizations: improved drawing performance.
  • Optimizations: decreased install size.
  • Samples: added support for drag n drop import (works in Standalone and AU, samples are shared between the two).
  • Looping: When overdub is engaded, feedback only affects output from the second and third playback heads (this change was made to avoiding high pitched artifacts caused by modulating a delay time of 0hz).
  • Fixed an issue where importing .wav files using uncommon format headers would crash the app or create static.
  • Fixed an issue where “link transport” and “time-stretch” buttons would not toggle properly.
  • Fixed an issue where restoring an ApeMatrix session with RE-1 inside would crash the plugin.
  • Fixed an issue where using wireless headphones would result in low quality mono audio.
  • Fixed an issue where changing the host tempo would cause time-streching to be calculated based on the previous, not the updated tempo.
  • Fixed an issue where loading the app in Garagageband would cause a crash (only relates to IAA, not AUv3).
  • Fixed an issue where time-stretching would only be applied to samples loaded from audio files but not live recordings.
  • Fixed an issue where the right channel would behave differnetly from the left when applyin feedback in overdub mode.

RE-1 is available from the App Store for $9.99 USD. The update is free for existing RE-1 users.

More information: Numerical Audio