NUSofting Groove Analogizer

NUSofting has released Groove Analogizer as freeware.

Groove Analogizer is an audio controlled drum synthesizer. Similar to a vintage electronic drum tone generator (e.g. Simmons) the percussion sound is triggered by an audio input, not by a MIDI message.

Groove Analogizer features

  • 3 oscillators synth (loads as effect plug-in), triggered and shaped by the audio input in many ways.
  • selection of left, right or left+right input (input can be both mono or stereo).
  • Band pass filter (coarse and fine) for selection of frequency range of the audio source to be used for triggering.
  • Pre-Listening for monitoring which part of the source is selected as trigger.
  • Sensitivity for selection of the loudest triggers filtered by the band pass.
  • 128 presets ready to play.

Groove Analogizer is available for Windows PC as freeware (donations are appreciated).

Visit NUSofting for more information and a link to download Groove Analogizer.