Extreme Sample Converter

Wlodzimierz Grabowski has released version 3.5.6 of Extreme Sample Converter, a multifunctional audio program, browser, player, and program editor with advanced conversion between different sample formats.

Changes in Extreme Sample Converter v3.5.6

  • Added Level meters added to VSTi/Hardware Converter.
  • Added Manual Start, Stop in Hardware Converter.
  • Fix: Zoom to All didn’t work in wave view, Audio Grid option added.
  • Fix: VST plugins were not added to the plugin’s list when program was first runned in Hardware Converter mode.
  • Changed: Method of note audition on zone map in VSTi/Hardware Converter.

Extreme Sample Converter 4.0 Pro (64-bit) for Windows Vista and MAC OS X is still under development. The upgrade from 3.x to 4.0 Pro for Windows will be free.

Visit the Extreme Sample Converter website for more information.