NUSofting has announced the release of its new software synthesizer Sinmad, a virtual instrument with its own peculiar and organic voice.

The hybrid synthesizer offers virtual analog and physical modeling synthesis techniques to allow for a novel approach to sound creation. The GUI was designed to let you easily improvize subtle or extreme timbre variations.

Sinmad is a VA synth but beside the standard subtractive resonant filter it uses a resonant delay network. Hard to describe its sound by words, despite the few controls the array of possible sounds is wide and potentially wild. Some people descibe it as ‘organic’, chaotic.

Sinmad features

  • 4 Oscillators: Main x 5 waves with sync, FM on 1, noise, sub, one-shot PM.
  • Polyphonic Delay Matrix (FDN): multimode resonators with 3 LFOs and AD envelope.
  • Main filter in VCF style featuring 4 x LP types, 2 x HP types, BP and Flanger.
  • 2 ADSR envelope + AD envelope in Delay Matrix.
  • 2 routable LFOs.
  • 4 custom effects: EQ, Saturation, double Echo, Reverb.
  • 12 sliders for custom octave microtuning automatable plus MTS-ESP client.
  • Single page user interface. Vector drawn with zoom/resize.
  • User editable colours theme. 25 themes already included.
  • 290 presets.

Sinmad is available for Windows and Mac in VST and AU plugin formats. It is priced 81.50 EUR.

NUSofting has also updated its free Sinnah virtual analog synth plugin to version 1.2.1, which includes compatibility for macOS Big Sur and the latest Windows 10, ODDSOUND MTS-ESP supported microtuning to load ‘scala’ and .tun, additional factory presets (now total of 225), and GUI adjustments.

More information: NUSofting