NUSofting Strings Dream Synthesizer

NUSofting has released Mac OS X AU and VST versions of Strings Dream Synthesizer, a string machine instrument plug-in, previously released for Windows.

Strings Dream is able to reproduce the infinite array of rich, analog pads from the most famous string machines in synthesizer history. Emulate the classic Eminent Solina as well as its sister keyboards from Elka, Crumar and even their Japanese cousins.

String Dream does not use samples. Instead the “octave divider” circuitry typical of those early polyphonic synths has been natively emulated, so that all sounds are computed in realtime in true VA fashion.

Strings Dream Synthesizer for PC and Mac is now available for the reduced price of $45 USD.

NUSofting has also released an AU demo version of Prima Delay, a multi-tap delay effect.

Furthermore, two new bundles are now available at the shop:

  • Strings Dream + Combo Sister = $75 USD
  • Mega Bundle: 12 Products! = $280 USD (until 20 January, 2010)

More information: NUSofting