NuSpace Audio has announced the release of Zephyr, a 3D audio binaural/surround reverb effect plugin based in higher-order Ambisonics (HOA), a speaker-independent format for representing 3D sound-fields suited for spatial audio systems.

NuSpace Audio Zephyr

Zephyr operates directly in the Ambisonics domain, extending the immersive quality and control of binaural and surround systems.

The plugin allows parameterizing important spatial cues of early reflections, scattering patterns, and reverb distributions, resulting in a complete spatial audio package for crafting 3D soundscapes in music, 360-video, virtual/augmented reality, and beyond.

Zephyr features

  • 1st / 2nd / 3rd order HOA encoder: 8 sources, Mercator projection panner.
  • HOA algorithmic reverb: Time, attack, size, reflection direction/inversion, scatter, modulation, high/low end dampening/resonator controls.
  • HOA rotator: Yaw, pitch, invert controls.
  • HOA decoder: Integrated binaural HRTF, stereo, quadraphonics, 5.1, hexagon/octagon speakers.
  • Early reflection processor: Delay, gain, low/high cut, width, direction, depth controls.
  • Early chorus processor: 1-7 multi-stages.
  • Sound-field visualizer: Real-time, brightness controls.
  • Multi-configurations: Input (16 multi-channels, mono, AmbiX) / Output (Headphone/AmbiX/Speaker setups).
  • Free updates.
  • 90+ presets to get you started.

Zephyr for Windows and Mac (VST/AU) is available for the intro price of $50 USD.

More information: NuSpace Audio