Ocean Swift Synthesis has announced that it is offering its Music Handyman Toolbox for free until December 28th.

The free utility offers a unique set of useful and musically relevant math functions and references for musicians, sound designers and audio developers.

A swiss army knife toolkit of useful features to help stoke the fires and drive creativity. Determine the time, frequency and samples in a measure at a given sample rate, quickly view the notes of a musical scale, get the frequency of a note in different tunings, generate tones or view reference charts for MIDI CC numbers, frequency spectrum, loudness and compression.

Store information about a musical project such as BPM, musical scale, tuning and additional user notes such as a project’s to-do list, information for remixers, credits, reminders or anything else. The project information includes the option to export to a text file, to include easily accessible information within a project’s folder.

Music HandyMan Toolbox is available as a VST plugin and standalone software for Windows.

Ocean Swift has also announced a 50% discount on the O.S.S. Enterprise synthesizer, starting from 30 EUR. The offer expires December 28th, 2019.

More information: Ocean Swift Synthesis