Ocean Swift Synthesis has announced the release of Defiant WT, a free hybrid virtual synthesizer instrument for Windows.

Ocean Swift Defiant WT

The compact instrument packs a powerful punch with a host of advanced features.

Providing wavetable, additive and subtractive synthesis in an efficiently clever design with a unique modulation arsenal, Defiant WT is creative, grungy, intuitive, fun and to the point.

Defiant WT features

  • Fully resizeable interface with a clean design
  • Main Oscillator types: analog, digital (wavetable) and additive.
  • 200 factory wavetables includes + 100 original wavetables within the LFOs. Allows custom wavetable import.
  • Clean and powerful sound.
  • 120 factory presets along with third party presets by PEFagan, Double Dutch Yariv Amsterdam, FXB project, Drew Lake, Ocean Star Empire, Atom Sessions.
  • Low CPU footprint.

The plugin is available in 32/64-bit VST format for Windows.

The Ocean Swift Wabetables Pack offers wavetables and single cycle waveforms that can be loaded into Defiant WT and many other popular wavetable synthesizers.

Ocean Swift Synthesis Wavetable Synthesis Pack 1

OSS Wavetable Synthesis Pack I is a Big collection of Morphing Wavetables and Single cycle Waveforms in many shapes and sizes for a friendly price!

Download Wavetables and Waveforms for Xfer Serum, Kontakt, Codex, Surge, Ableton Live, Dune 2 and 3, Defiant WT, Reaktor, MUX Modular, KV331 Audio Synthmaster, VCV Seven Seas and many other Wavetable Synthesizers & Software

OSS Wavetable Synthesis Pack will take your sound design to a different dimension.

Regularly 20 EUR, the pack is on sale for 15 EUR for a limited time.

More information: Ocean Swift Synthesis