OCTO8R has announced a free collection of presets for the Nemesis software synthesizer by Tone2 Audio.

This pack of 78 presets delivers you the introductory touch of NeoFM synthesis, pure sonic of improved FM embodied in Nemesis by Tone2 Audio.

Rhamnusia features

  • 7 Arp.
  • 9 Atmo.
  • 6 FX.
  • 10 Lead.
  • 20 Pad.
  • 15 Pluck.
  • 6 Pluck Atmo.
  • 5 Pluck Glide.

Rhamnusia is available to download for free. You can support OCTO8R with a purchase of the soundset at OCTO8R’s Gumroad page.

More information: OCTO8R