OddGrooves FourFour Drumming

OddGrooves has released FourFour Drumming, a MIDI drum library featuring over 1600 grooves in 4/4 time.

4/4 you ask? What’s odd with that? Well, of course there are some odd elements in there, like polyrhythms and odd meters that add up to 4/4 after a couple of bars, but the main focus here is simply advanced well-played grooves in 4/4, suitable for progressive rock, hard rock, classic rock, jazz rock and… uh… other types of rock. You get the picture.

All the regular playing styles are there (ride, bell, hihat, fills, intros etc) in different tempos and variations. And as usual, Magnus Brandell is the one handling the drum sticks. Arranged for EZdrummer/Superior 2.0 and General MIDI.

FourFour Drumming is available now for $29.95 USD.

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