Odo Synths 38911 Bytes v3.0

Odo Synths has released version 3.0 of 38911 Bytes, a one oscillator synthesizer VST plug-in for Windows PC.

It’s a synthesizer based on Commodore 64 software but it can do a lot more

38911 Bytes v3.0 features

  • 1 oscillator synth with 4 waveforms (saw, triangle, pulse, pitched noise), ringmodulation waveforms (saw, triangle, pulse). PulseWidth, octaves from -3 to 4.
  • 1 ringmodulation oscillator with 3 waveforms (saw, triangle, pulse) PulseWidth, octaves range -3 to 4 and notes C to B.
  • 3 LFOs with 19 waveforms, 16 different BPM rates and free rate. Low/hi depth option and destinations are pitch oscillator, pw and cutoff.
  • LFO modes: GATE (press key), FIRST (start sequencer) and FREE (free running).
  • 4 x 16 step sequencers: 11 BPM rates and free rate mode (in free mode all sequencers have the same rate).
  • 1 waveform sequencer (saw, triangle, pulse, pitched noise, rm triangle, rm saw, rm pulse).
  • 1 octave sequencer range from -3 to 4.
  • 1 octave and notes sequencer notes from C to B and octave range -3 to 4.
  • Filter sequencer.
  • Pitch, PulseWidth, Cutoff and Volume envelopes.
  • Bitcrusher effect.
  • Mono/poly mode.
  • Retrigger on/off.

38911 Bytes v3.0 is available as donationware for Windows PC. A demo version can be downloaded (controls are disabled).

Visit Odo Synths for more information.