Ohm Force

Ohm Force has released updated versions of all of its plug-ins.

Green Force writes:

No big change, but several improvements we could make thanks to our chemical testing and – more importantly – the huge help from our user community. The last Mac versions had a performance problem (taxing too much CPU ). So we’ll tell you what happened: we got a letter from Greenpeace telling us that all those Macs running hot were detected by Nasa satellites as the 5th more important global warming factor – way more than cow farts! – and that we’d have 3 months to solve the problem. Ecologists of the world, we can stay zen again, the bug was fixed and Macs are working as quietly as they should. No more performance problem for any Mac plug-in.

Changes and improvements

  • several minor bugs fixed (Mac/Windows)
  • MIDI out disabled by default, fixed (Mac/Windows)
  • huge performance boost on all Mac versions (Mac/Windows)
  • some installation problems fixed (Mac)
  • unreadable presets problem, fixed (all RTAS versions for Mac)
  • bug in browser, fixed (Symptohm:Melohman – Mac/Windows)
  • mouse wheel scroll in browser added (Symptohm:Melohman – Windows)
  • bug on funky skin, fixed (Symptohm:Melohman – Mac)
  • problem recovering default presets locations when loading/saving (Ohmicide:Melohman – Mac/Windows)
  • some parameter names have changed to reflect its GUI labels (Ohmicide:Melohman – Mac/Windows)
  • crash risk when using feedback, fixed (Ohmicide:Melohman – Mac/Windows)
  • band gates were never linked, fixed (Ohmicide:Melohman – Mac/Windows)

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