OhmLab has announced the release of its latest sample pack Liquid Air, a collection of 50 professionally designed water-based sounds.

The pack is meant to inspire and provide countless opportunities to inject some unique organic liquid-based character into your projects.

OhmLab Liquid Air

We’ve captured sounds from the ocean, rivers, streams, lakes, rain and more to bring this pack to life. Each sound was processed individually, based upon its original character, movement and the feelings it inspired.

From crisp and simple toppers to atmospheric textures, we’ve built a total of 7 categories for you to enjoy, each with its own specific creative roll to play in your music. There are even granular oddities and custom noise samples to help push your sound in new directions.

Also released is After – Sounds from the Apocalypse, a soundset for the Absynth synthesizer instrument from Native Instruments.

OhmLab After for Absynth

Ever wonder what the apocalypse might sound like? Will yours sound different than mine?

The After collection for NI Absynth features 50 semi-modular, atmospheric and immersive sounds for you to score the ends days with. Or, if you prefer, you can simply use them in your projects now and bring them to life in new and extraordinary ways. Instantly transport your listeners to a lonesome, desolate and sometimes dangerous landscape that you control.

This is a must-have for any Absynth user or owner of Native Instruments Komplete who loves an atmospheric touch and organic textures!

The Liquid Air sample pack and Absynth soundset are available as “pay what you like” downloads, with a minimum of $5 USD and $10 USD, respectively.

More information: OhmLab