One Small Clue Poise (Carbon Ice skin)

One Small Clue has released version 1.0.49 of Poise, a percussion sampler instrument for Windows.

This is a significant release that includes many bug fixes and general improvements.

Changes in Poise v1.0.49

  • New Sample Content: Poise now ships with the Ammunition Drum Library by TeamDNR. Ammunition is a collection of 354 sampled drum sounds designed for producers of modern music styles. The collection features a selection of electronic and natural sounding hits.
  • New MIDI automation system. Optimised for real-time editing of drum kits.
  • New Trigger Map system with region information. Trigger map regions have settings for Low Note, High note, Root Note and MIDI Channel. This allows for custom pad arrangements not possible before.
  • Rudimentary import of Battery format drum kits.
  • Rudimentary import of Guru format drum kits.
  • Import of LM4 drum kits now more forgiving. (i.e. doesn’t throw errors when finding unexpected stuff in LM4 text files).
  • Improved compatibility with Ableton Live.
  • Many small changes to improve general work flow.
  • Bug Fix: CPU spikes when used on multi-core systems have been fixed.
  • Bug Fix: Poise could crash when changing it’s output configuration in Sonar.
  • Bug fix: Drum pad amplitude envelopes have been tweaked to reduce clicks when pads are either muted or retriggered.
  • Bug Fix: Changing output counts would crash Cubase 5. Poise now defaults to 16 outputs (unless renaming the dll file). Individual outputs can be activated/ignored within Cubase 5.
  • Bug Fix: Sometimes the sample display would trigger an access violation when being redrawn leading to a crash.

Poise for Windows (VST) is available to purchase for $49 USD.

More information: One Small Clue