One Small Clue has released version 0.3.1 of Orange Chorus, a free chorus effect plug-in for Windows.

One Small Clue Orange Chorus

One Small Clue Orange Chorus VST effect plug-in for Windows PC.

I’m considering creating a series of free effect plugins, partly inspired by the Kjaerhus Classic series.

My current thought is to only create plugins which can be made with simple GUIs. Say a maxiumum of 8 knobs or switches. The simple controls will be a limiting factor on how effects are designed. However that should make the GUI’s quicker to produce, leaving more time to focus on the effect algorithms which is more fun.

My goal was to create a clear chorus effect that could be used to thicken or blur synth parts or vocals. I’m fairly happy with the plugin so far. Depending on the feedback I might tweak the chorus algorithms a bit more. I’m not sure about the all knob GUI design. I think it makes for an attractive overall layout, but perhaps switches would better represent the functionality of the MODE and SHAPE parameters.

Orange Chorus is available as a free download for Windows (32/64-bit VST).

More information: One Small Clue