WOK has released Superfake, a free audio effect that will turn any simple synthesizer saw wave into a sound like the famous Roland Supersaw.

SUPERFAKE simulates a 6x unisono effect with adjustable detune. Besides the faking of that well known fat sound by feeding a saw wave into it, it can be used for any synthesizer(-plugin) to give it an unisono voice. But also guitars, strings or choir will benefit from the rich and smooth sound of the plugin.

WOK Superfake

Superfake features

  • Carefully modeled detune values to emulate the famous Superwave sound.
  • Adustable stereo spread.
  • Full stereo signal path.
  • Variable detune and effect mix for many purposes.

Superfake for Windows (VST) has a nagscreen at startup, which can be removed at a donation.

More information: WOK