HÖSS AUDIO has released a new Kontakt instrument library designed for crafting hybrid orchestral/electronic evolving pads.

Opalescence is a unique cinematic pad designer with 22 sequencer-based effects, allowing you to create non-static, dynamic hybrid pads. It covers the whole dramatic spectrum, from lush and creamy, to aggressive and dirty.

Opalescence features

  • 2 modules (A and B) with separate controls.
  • 333 stereo samples (24bit) and 2 wavetables.
  • 15 orchestral sounds.
  • 2 separate wavetables.
  • 22 sequencer-based effects.
  • 3 master effects.
  • 15 crafted presets, designed with film music composers in mind.
  • 1 hidden gem for maximum stereo width.

Available for the full version of Kontakt 6.5.2 or higher, Opalescence is currently on sale at Loot Audio at a 30% discount. HÖSS AUDIO’s Felt 54 intimate felt piano library is also 30% off as part of a summer sale.