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Orange Tree Samples releases Strawberry Extended Electric Guitar

Orange Tree Samples Strawberry Extended Electric Guitar

Orange Tree Samples has announced the release of Strawberry Extended Electric Guitar, a guitar sample library for Kontakt.

Strawberry Extended Electric Guitar is a stand-alone sample library which includes all the features and articulations of the original Strawberry Electric Guitar sample library for KONTAKT, but also adds over a dozen new articulations, including effects like scrapes and dives, trills of various intervals, tapping, aggressive squeals, and much more.

Strawberry Extended Electric Guitar features

  • 2.45 GB of over 3,200 electric guitar samples
  • A new string resonation engine for organic realism you won’t hear anywhere else
  • 4x intelligent round-robin sample cycling
  • Intelligent legato for hammer-ons, pull-offs, and sampled half-step interval transitions
  • Slide from one note to any other at any speed
  • Whammy bar effects, including the flutter effect
  • Alternate tunings with dozens of included tuning presets

Strawberry Extended Electric Guitar for Kontakt 2 and higher is available to purchase at an introductory price of $164.95 USD until February 28, 2010 (regular price $179.95 USD). There is an upgrade discount for existing owners of Strawberry Electric Guitar, at $34.95 USD (regular $49.95).

More information: Orange Tree Samples / Strawberry Extended Electric Guitar

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