Orange Tree Samples Strawberry Electric Guitar

Orange Tree Samples has updated Strawberry Electric Guitar, a guitar sample library for Kontakt.

Orange Tree Samples is pleased to announce that the update for CoreGuitar Strawberry (now “Strawberry Electric Guitar”) has been released!

The update includes a completely new script as well as additional samples. The script adds features in addition to making the sample library much more CPU efficient.

Strawberry Electric Guitar features

  • 1.57 GB of 24-bit samples (nearly 1700 samples!)
  • Full sustain with natural decay
  • 2x intelligent round-robin sample cycling for both downstroke and upstroke articulations
  • Variable pre-pick noises
  • Whammy bar effects
  • String resonation
  • Dynamic vibrato
  • Custom slides
  • Intelligent legato
  • Alternate tunings

Strawberry Electric Guitar is available for purchase for $129.95 USD.

More information: Orange Tree Samples / Strawberry Electric Guitar