Artiphon has launched an updated version of its Orba musical device.

The Orba 2 now puts real instruments in the palm of your hand by allowing users to capture or import their own sounds to create unique instruments. The new Orba app let you record sounds and make your own presets.

Everyone loves music. We hear it all around us; it’s a part of what makes us human. Now anyone can make it thanks to Orba 2, the evolution of Artiphon’s award-winning line of musical devices. With Orba 2, you can play any sound you can imagine, anywhere you like.

Featuring a brand new sound engine that includes audio samples, Orba 2 is the first musical device that packs an entire studio into the palm of your hand. This means you can play instruments like electric guitars and upright pianos and more adventurous sounds like vocals, found sounds, custom artist songs, and more. Imagine conducting an orchestra in the park—no strings attached and no screens required.

Orba 2’s improved ceramic-like playing surface simultaneously reacts to nine musical gestures: Tap, Press, Radiate, Tilt, Shake, Spin, Vibrato, Move, and Bump. Just as you’d never play the same pluck on a banjo or the same beat on a drumset, playing Orba 2 will be a new experience every time you tap in.

Whereas the original Orba can record loops of up to 8 bars (2-30 seconds), the Orba 2 increases this feature to up to 128 bars (up to 5 minutes). A new quantize feature can snap your musical phrases to the beat so that every moment fits perfectly into the groove.

“We want people to express themselves musically in their everyday lives,” explains Artiphon CEO Mike Butera. “We’ve dreamed of allowing anyone to play any sound they can imagine, anywhere they go, without worrying about historical instrument skills or abstract music theory. Orba 2 finally makes that possible.”

Shipping in July 2022, the Orba 2 is priced $149.99 USD.

More information: Artiphon