Orchestral Tools has introduced the latest title in its line of creative soundpacks for the free SINE Player.

Inspired by the natural distortion of the balafon, Khosso delivers organic character percussion, both pitched and unpitched, with a raspy, reedy edge.

The result is an array of gentle and unusual percussion. Balafon, dholak, and gamelan line up alongside prepared drums and cymbals, plus a supporting cast of processed patches. For beats and patterns that rattle and roll.

Khosso features

  • 6 single instruments.
  • Up to 15 articulations, 3 mic positions.
  • Processed: 4 pads, 5 plucks, 1 bass, 3 percussion.

Khosso is available for the intro price of 29 EUR for a limited time (regular 49 EUR). Prices ex. VAT where applicable. The sound library runs in the SINE Player for Windows and Mac (VST/VST3, AU and AAX).

More information: Orchestral Tools