Noiiz has launched two new sample packs by Fold. Organic Rhythms features an inspiring collection of found sounds, drum machines and organic textures.

Covering a range of tempos from 90-170bpm this epic collection of top loops, full drum loops and processed location recordings guarantees to add movement, groove and swing to often static sounding rhythms. Nestled inside you’ll find processed 909’s, analogue driven 808 loops, processed and manipulated location recordings and a wealth of expansive textures. Each loop or one shot is perfect for adding an organic element to digital tones.

With many sounds recorded from nature this collection is perfect for adding some off kilter flavours to square grooves allowing your music to shift and flow as it progresses. Fold has also included over 400 original and tape processed one shots to allow you to design your own top loops plus all the kick used in creating the full rhythms for maximum flexibility and sample milage. We’ve also added all of the one shots into your sampler instrument of choice so you can concentrate on the god stuff, making stunning, organic rhythms irrelevant of genre.

The Organic Sequences pack offers sounds that transcend genre, styles and form.

Forging together the finest points of electronica, abstract sound design and modular manipulation. This incredibly unique collection of samples offers inspiring creativity at every turn. As with all of Fold’s collections, a huge emphasis has been placed on the use of outboard processing, tape saturation and modular synth control with the quality of the final output easily speaking for itself.

Inside this experimental collection, you’ll find organically textured landscapes, twisting and turning arpeggiators, dense sub basses, twitchy drums and percussion and complex sound design composites all of which are juxtaposed against a pin point accurate live piano phrases. So, if you’re looking for samples that inspire and provide that ‘out the box feel’ then this is the one for you my friend. We just know this is going to stand the test of time and provide you with inspiration for years to come.

Both packs are now available to download to Noiiz subscribers.
New users can sign up for a 15-day free trial to Noiiz, which includes 1GB free downloads.

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