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Noiiz Fold Warped Aesthetics

Warped Aesthetics sample pack by Fold available from Noiiz

Noiiz has announced the release of Warped Aesthetics by Fold, a sample pack inspired by Boards of Canada, Warp Records, 90’s IDM and the...
Noiiz Fold Organic Sequences

Organic Rhythms and Organic Sequences by Fold released at Noiiz

Noiiz has launched two new sample packs by Fold. Organic Rhythms features an inspiring collection of found sounds, drum machines and organic textures. Covering a...
Matilde Davoli Hot Space TV

Hot Space TV & Abstract Electronica sample packs at Noiiz

Noiiz has launched Hot Space TV, a 650 MB sample pack offering a goldmine of sounds by Italian songwriter, producer and sound engineer Matilde...
Stevie R Ambient Analogue House

Noiiz releases Organic Inspirations & Ambient Analogue House sample packs

Noiiz has released Organic Inspirations, a new sample pack by Fold featuring stunning live instruments, organic textures & foley beats, and delicious melodies. Organic Inspirations...
Tontario Nature's Essence

Noiiz launches sample packs from Jeka Jones, Julien Mier, MrJonnyBatch, MegaBit, Tontario & Fold

Noiiz has added a new batch of sample packs to its library of royalty free sounds. Celestial Footwork by Jeka Jones features a collection of...
Fold Machine Love

Machine Love, Expansive Horizons & Analogue Obsessions sample packs by Fold

Fold has released three sample packs on Noiiz, a subscription platform that offers unlimited access to a huge, expanding library of sounds. Machine Love features...
Samplephonics Fold Electronic Noir

Fold: Electronic Noir sample pack released at Samplephonics

Samplephonics has announced the release of Fold: Electronic Noir, a beautifully crafted royalty free sample pack by Fold. The pack features a vast collection of...

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