Noiiz has released Organic Inspirations, a new sample pack by Fold featuring stunning live instruments, organic textures & foley beats, and delicious melodies.

Fold Organic Inspirations

Organic Inspirations is a deliciously moorish sample pack like no other. Taking inspiration from foley specialists Bonobo & Shigeto, Fold has presented a collection of highly textured and beautifully detailed electronica loops that will instantly become your sample go-to’s! Think processed field recordings, dusty old synth lines, granular inspired sampling and stunning Kalimbas & Mallets.

With emotion being at front of this exploration, Fold has dug deep to ensure each loop beautiful sits against the next both musically and mix wise ensuring you can concentrate on the good stuff, making music. Inside this beautiful collection of elements you’ll find crunchy house and garage drum loops, shuffling found sound tops, warm Rhodes piano phrases, delicate grand piano lines and deep twisting bass oscillations.

As always Fold has painstakingly sampled his gear and synths to provide track ready one shots covering bass, synths, organics and drums which come pre-loaded into your favourite sampler instrument of choice including NNXT, Ableton, Kontakt, EXS24, Battery and beyond. Allow you imagination to go wild and enjoy inspiration at every turn with this beautifully bespoke sample pack.

Ambient Analogue House by London based Stevie R (aka Stavros Potamitis) features the sounds of analogue synths with a cutting edge twist.

Stevie R Ambient Analogue House

The Stevie R Sample Collection Series explores the world of house, techno and electronica, delivering unique and inspiring sounds he has developed and designed through the years. This first package in the series focuses on sounds suited to house, and draws on Stevie’s vast collection of vintage synthesizers and machines.

A variety of legendary vintage synthesizers including Arp-2600, TR-909, TR-808, TB-303, SH-101, Monopoly, System-100, Ms-20 and Juno-60 have been used to create these sounds. Field recordings, preamps, distortion units and eccentric recording techniques have also been employed, to give them a unique twist.

Inspired by artists the like DJ Koze, James Holden, Bonobo, Tale of Us, John Talabot, Axel Boman, Isolee and more, this package serves up an exciting range of material that is designed to help you create incredible electronic music which sounds authentic and professional, just like the contemporary masters you know and love.

Both packs are now available for download from the Noiiz subscription service.

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