Rossignol Studio has announced the release of Orguever, a Kontakt instrument library based on a glass organ.

Rossignol Studio Orguever

“The glass organ is a mechanization of the principle of musical glasses. It consists of glass bowls, crystal or quartz stacked on a horizontal rotary axis driven by a pedal. With wet fingers that we play this instrument by rubbing against the glass. It appears crystal clear sound, pure and ethereal.”

Three effects are available: A delay, chorus and reverb. Each of the effects can be added via their volume button on the interface.

Seven different sounds typical of this type of instrument are available: Long tones type rubbed, short sounds struck type. They each have a PAN. The extended register different sounds ranging from C0 to G4. The samples are 16-bit 48 kHz.

Orguever for Kontakt 5 (full version) is available for purchase for 20 EUR.

More information: Rossignol Studio