Prime Loops has introduced the Record Store Vol. 3 sample pack by Origin Sound, a new collection of vintage Hip Hop song starters ready to inspire your next beats.

The Record Store is a giant four-part consolidated library combining samples from our previous bestsellers “Hip Hop Haze“, “Organic Vibes”, “Lo-Fi Cuts” and “Lo-Fi Cuts 2″. Each song starter contains expertly designed and processed loops with a number of “original”, “chopped” and “aged” folders, allowing you to easily locate the type of sample you want to extract without having to sift through an index of different files. This is the quintessential sample collection for just about anyone looking for vintage and dusty sounds to chop up into their own beats without having to worry about the nitty-gritty details.

The sounds we have recorded are layered into a delectable mix of stacked loops, containing conventionally sampled instruments, including guitars, harps, piano and more. We have carefully processed them to ensure an authentically vintage sound, without going overboard on FX, leaving you plenty of room to adapt each sample according to your track.

Furthermore, each clip is labelled with key and tempo, encouraging a drag-and-drop workflow regardless of whether you’re working with digital gear, analogue gear or an MPC style sampler thus streamlining your sampling process further and allowing you to focus on writing rather than the tricky logistics of sampling that usually come as part and parcel of the hip hop genre.

The Record Store Vol. 3 is on sale for £12.95 GBP for a limited time (regular £24.95 GBP). Other Origin Sound packs are currently also 50% off at Prime Loops.

More information: Prime Loops