Outsider Sound Design has launched with the release of three sample packs that aims to fill a niche with new and exciting sounds.

Pedal Drone offers a 3.5 GB collection of sounds resulting from experiments with 147 electric guitar effects pedals.

Outsider Sound Design Pedal Drone

No input / feedback synthesis-all pedals feeding back into themselves within complex routing chains.

Recorded in 16 sessions, this pack includes 500 .wav files recorded in 16 bit / 44.1 sample rate. 3.5 GB of content with most files ranging in size between 30 to 90 seconds. Wide range of sounds: drones, noise, ambients, and more ready to drag and drop into your game, film, or musical project.

The Nihilistic Percussion Engine pack includes 388 one-shot percussion samples, constructed from six digital hardware oscillators and two digital noise oscillators using differing methods of FM and AM synthesis.

Outsider Sound Design Nihilistic Percussion Engine

Processed with a mix of digital and analog filters, wave shaping, distortion, and sub harmonic processing. This sound set was created to be used in any context imagined-think of it as a creative launch pad library of percussion and sound FX elements to inspire you.

Everything from tiny synthetic glass like percussive elements to harsh metal clangs to giant low end distorted bass impacts to rattle the subs. 187 MB of content. 24 bit 96k sample rate.

Never Ending Noise comprises 472 sound files created using twelve unique hardware setups built to harvest harsh noise, granular static, buzzes, drones, alien transmissions, and melting circuits.

Outsider Sound Design Never Ending Noise

This sample pack was created using over 70 different hardware devices and guitar effects pedals. Using hardware samplers, we fed in sounds that were created by transforming images of 13 famous abstract expressionist paintings into audio files and then further deconstructed them. Yes, we went all the way with this one.

Esoteric by design, there are so many distinct ways these sounds can be incorporated into your music productions or media projects. We hope this sound pack offers you unlimited inspiration.

Pedal Drone and Never Ending Noise are available for $40 USD each; Nihilistic Percussion Engine is $25 USD.

More information: Outsider Sound Design