Outsim SynthMaker

Outsim has released version of SynthMaker, an audio programming tool for Windows PC.

This is a small intermediate release to correct some issues that didn’t quite make the 1.1.3 release. Most notably there is a fix to a problem with the Wave Table component that was introduced in 1.1.3. If you’re using the Wave Osc then you’ll want to get this update.

Changes in SynthMaker v1.1.3.1

  • Corrected a problem with the Wave Table component introduced in the final 1.1.3 release.
  • Fixed a situation that can cause crashes in exported plugins when responding to MIDI mod wheel.
  • Fixed a problem with MIDI sustain where notes that had been played, sustained and then played and held again were being dropped on sustain off.
  • Resolved an issue with converting strings to arrays where any newlines at the end were being included as zero or blank entries in the resulting array.
  • Fixed a problem with Wavelab not recognizing effects with more than two inputs.

SynthMaker is available for Windows PC, priced at £65 GBP / €95 EUR / $133 USD for a personal license, and £125 GBP / €185 EUR / $255 USD for a standard license.

More information: SynthMaker