Precisionsound D-85

Precisionsound has announced the release of D-85, a sample library for HALion, Kontakt, EXS24 and SoundFont.

The Yamaha Electone D-85 is the source of sounds in our fourth volume of the Vintage Keyboard Collection. The D-85 was released in 1980 and designed as an home organ, a grandmas organ, for the “loaded” grandmas though, cause the price tag was around $10000.

The D-85 is completely analog and uses a technique called PASS (Pulse Analog Synthesis System) developed for the legendary Electone GX-1 and later used in other Electone organs like the flagship of home organs of the time, the D-85.

Electone D-85 features

  • 511 24bit mono WAV samples of the instruments and 208 24bit mono WAV grooves.
  • 208 Rx2 files for use in any Rx2 compatible software like Stylus RMX, Reason, Cubase etc.
  • 52 programs for Logic EXS24.
  • 67 programs for HALion 1.1 and all versions above.
  • 71 programs for NI Kontakt 1 and all versions above.
  • 28 programs for Sound Font (16bit) compatible with all samplers supporting the Sf2 format like the free SFZ, Cakewalk Dimension Pro, Reason NN-XT and more.

The D-85 sample library is available for purchase as a download for $39 USD (DVD optional for +$11 USD). All formats are included.

More information: Precisionsound / Yamaha Electone D-85